Our consultation

The public consultation for Trafford Place concluded in March 2018. We thank all those for taking the time to give feedback on the proposed development. The consultation attracted an encouraging number of responses, taking a wide variety of views from the community, 91% of which came from local residents.

  • Over half of the respondents supported the provision of new homes on the site, reflecting our belief that the area is in great need of new housing.
  • In terms of uses for the communal areas, a quarter of respondents wanted to see a cafĂ© or restaurant, whilst another quarter preferred retail or shops. Some respondents wanted to see a medical facility introduced.
  • The main areas of support were bringing this derelict brownfield site forward for development and introducing new homes to an area where people want to live.
  • The main concerns raised in the consultation focused on parking, traffic and affordability of units, all of which have been addressed in the planning application.

Changes to the plans over the last few months have included the provision of additional parking for residents, changes to the design and landscaping of the site, the use of communal spaces, as well as ongoing work in relation to the provision of affordable housing. Further, an independent traffic impact assessment report has been completed which shows that the impact on local traffic will be less than when B&Q was in operation.

West view of Trafford Place

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